• To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached people groups in all nation, tribe and language.
  • To go and Make disciples for Jesus Christ in
    all nations.
  • To teach, train and send the missionaries into the harvest field.

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THE LIFE - Introduction

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The First Book of  Rev.William C.P namely "The Life"

There is no one in the world who would say they do not want LIFE. There are those without money who think having it would give them a good LIFE. Those who have poor health feel that good health would give them a good LIFE. Most people seem to feel that whatever they do NOT have is the very thing that would give them the life they desire.

What is a good life? How can one find it? Is it a good job, good spouse, good children, more money, better government or any one of many other things? Only one thing can give it to you and it is not any of the things previously mentioned. Only the one true God, the creator of heaven and earth can give it to you. Only the spoken word of God in the Bible can give real LIFE.

I have seen those who are very rich, highly educated and powerful, yet they do not feel they have a good LIFE. They tell me they still lack SOMETHING. My answer to each is that their soul, spirit and body can only be fully satisfied by the Word of God. In this book, I will be sharing many facts and truths that I believe will help you grow in the Lord and have the kind of LIFE you are looking for. No one can buy this kind of life or earn it through their own effort. It is a gift from God, the creator of the world and it is FREE. In order to receive this free gift, all you need to do is believe the Word of God as it is written in the Bible and take it into your heart.

This book is based only on the Word of God. I will also be sharing many of my own experiences in ministry. God bless you as you read this book. I pray you and your family will receive all the blessings God has for you as recorded in the Bible.

In His Kingdom,
Rev. William C.P.
Shekinah International / USA & Canada